violet 2


09.04.2012, 05:08 ::
however that men in their teens through 30 s are in geranel considered imature especially if they have not lived a family life with a wife and kids to force them to grow up a little faster. Men in their 40 s and older become set in their ways and have had careers a long dating or marriage experience, relationship and family life as well as career and professional setbacks and advancements which give knowledge and lerned skills 30 or below do not have long term experience with. There is also a different meaning to mature when it comes to relationships as girls mature younger in many ways but men and women think differently and therefore can't be compared to each other. Maturity I believe has nothing to do with quantity but how he handles things and quality of his experiences and how he uses his learned skills to make his life and people in his life more grounded and sane. Hope this helps.

31.12.2008, 17:56 ::
nie mam pojęcia co to jest ale sie jaram fest tymi kolorami